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Municipal Assistance and Resources Available for Resiliency Planning

The NJ Resiliency Network and its partners offer a broad array of tools and strategies and resources to help communities be more prepared and resilient to the next storm and climate change impacts.  

The NJ Resiliency Network helps communities access technical and financial resources to address long-term recovery and resiliency issues.  The resources are provided by our staff and a coalition of public, private, non-profit and academic organizations. What we can offer will change over time as we work with communities and adapt to the needs we identify on the ground. Our staff is available right now to offer direct support or provide a matchmaking “help desk” function to interested municipalities. 


  • Emergency preparedness plans and assessments
  • Flood hazard vulnerability assessments
  • Climate change adaptation strategies
  • Sea level rise mapping
  • Community rating system activities
  • Grant opportunities
  • Community visioning meetings
  • Joint municipal (inter-governmental) meetings
  • Access to community and student volunteers
  • Training, workshops and webinars

                                …and much more!



Contact us at or call us at (609) 771-2549 to request assistance.

To learn about the most commonly requested types of assistance, read about our Municipal Needs Assessment

To search for funding opportunities to fit your community's needs, visit our Grants Portal.

Resource providers, find out how we can add you to our database.